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Pipe bender T-40

Pipe bender T-40

Profiled and round metal pipe bender

"T-40 pipe bender" is intended for bending profiled rectangular pipes in a circular arc with any curvature restricted to sizes of the pipe profile cross-section and pipe walls thickness. Round pipes bending is also possible.




Admissible pipes cross-sections

profile from 15 x 15 mm. to 40 x 40 mm., possibility of round pipes bending (rollers are deliver separately)

 Profile wall thickness

from 0.5 to 3 mm.

Maximum diameter of an arch

not restricted

Drive aspect

Manual with hydraulic rollers application

Operating temperatures range

- 40C to +60 C

Overal dimentions

Altitude - 560 mm, width - 300 mm, length - 590 mm


not more than 45 kg


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