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Figure punching tools

You can easily execute medium-size orders for punching souvenirs out of magnetic vinyl, light-gage plastic cardboard and leather with "ELTON" press.

Thanks to its low value, any start-up advertising or polygraphic workshop can afford "Elton" press.

Each press is stocked with one rectangle cutting form in the size of 90*60 mm. That allows to start production of souvenirs, calendars and specimens after the acquisition at once.

Work efficiency and accuracy of cutting down the images are reached due to special hooks in the form. 

Forms are made within 10-14 days and quickly delivered against Your orders.




Figure punching tools

"Elt" press is an ideal decision for small forms of various configurations punching out of magnetic vinyl, cardboard, paper, banner and awning fabrics. "Elt" press is delivered without the punching form.


The maximum size of a punching knife is limited by the linear dimensions: 50*50 mm.


We can make punching forms of any complexity by Your specifications. Forms are made within 10-14 days and quickly delivered.


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