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Unwinding devices

Unwinding devices

"ROLL 1600". Uncoiling any rolled material like self-adhesive films or roll-fed paper is no longer a difficult procedure. Maximum width of a roll is 1600 mm. If you work with up to 700 mm. width rolled materials, we are glad to offer you an uncoiling device "ROLL 700".

With manual uncoiling devices for reeled materials "ROLL 1600", "ROLL 700", "ZENOROLL 1600" and "ZENOROLL 700" you can forget about the fatigue and human factor and keep the material perfectly clean. Except that application of "ROLL 1600", "ROLL 700", "ZENOROLL 1600" and "ZENOROLL 700" almost completely expels scores and other imperfections, that are inevitable at manual reel-out. Robust construction of the devices equipped with precise counters will allow you to forget about any problems with reeling out for years. "ROLL 1600" and "ROLL 700" counter discreteness equals 1 cm. "ZENOROLL 1600" * and "ZENOROLL 700" counter discreteness equals 1 dm.

 "ZENOROLL 1600"*

 Unwinding devices


Download operation manual for reeling device "ROLL 1600"


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